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You can use it easily with your iPhone, Mac or an Android phone. Anker has also ensured that it is easy to type on this device with low-profile matte keys with the frame being sturdy in order to last long. Have you ever heard of a mechanical keyboard for the Apple Mac? Mechanical key switches are popular among gamers and typists in the world of Windows computers.

For Mac, it is a concept unheard of. But for the enthusiasts out there who want the best of OS X and input choices, Azio has an option. They have managed to retain the pure white color and used white backlights for the keyboard bringing it on par with any Mac-friendly keyboard out there.

Best Mouse For Mac - Which Mouse Works Best With Your Macbook?

It also has a dedicated volume control wheel which should make analog lovers happy as you can increase or reduce volume on your iTunes music playback at will. It has bright backlit keys for typing in a dark room. It is slim, compact and it has a beautiful, modern design. It can be used for iPad and iPhone as well. It provides enjoyable typing experience. Logitech is primarily a peripherals manufacturer for Windows PCs but they are not giving up on the world of Mac and Apple devices.

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The Easy-Switch name comes from an actual switch found on this keyboard which allows you to seamlessly change between your Mac, iPad or iPhone to keep typing without interruptions. The Bluetooth keyboard provides a solid range of up to 30 feet which allows you to keep it connected to multiple devices in the vicinity.

The keys are all backlit, facilitating you to type in the dark and it also includes a rechargeable battery. The USB cable can be used to recharge it which should theoretically last at least a month of daily usage. Logitech has designed a unique keycap for the K which enables it to be whisper-quiet when typing and it also sports a Mac layout to let Apple fans use it seamlessly on familiar grounds. Typing on it is a pure pleasure, so if you want a keyboard from Microsoft, feel free to go for this one. If you like wireless keyboards, you will love this keyboard!

Rely on the light instead of the batteries, because any light source will keep this keyboard charged. It delivers an enjoyable typing experience — you will type quieter, and faster. It has ultra-thin design and it comes with a familiar Mac layout. Das keyboard has two-port USB 2.

Best ergonomic keyboards for mac

Macally keyboard delivers outstanding typing experience thanks to the low-profile responsive keys. The Mac-friendly function keys allow you to control the volume, brightness, and more. It also has a great design. A whole lot of new products have arrived and choosing the best Mac keyboards could be a difficult choice right now.

If you have a good idea of your expectation, it should be much easier to choose one. The Logitech keyboard uses an unconventional solar power while Anker offers the most compact keyboard you could find. Pick your preferred one and enhance your Mac experience. These are some of the top best Mac keyboards you can get. We have listed different types of keyboards here so that every person can find a perfect fit!

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting products and updates to your email inbox. Type of keys There are many laptop-style keyboards for Mac, and all of them look wonderful.

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Wireless or wired keyboard? Features Many keyboards today come with additional function buttons and media features buttons such as page up and down, volume up and down, browser button, mute button, just to name a few. Why should you buy this keyboard?

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The full-sized keyboard includes a numeric keypad, making it easy for people into accounting to get things done faster. The Magic keyboard is made by none other than Apple that provides you brand assurance and design aesthetics. The battery life is excellent and, it being a full-sized keyboard sweetens the deal.

Mechanical switches for Mac is a unique feature that sets this keyboard apart from the competition. Azio has also maintained the Mac key layout and provides a physical volume control button enhancing the analog experience. It doesn't help that the caps lock light is on the actual key as the way I type my fingers conceal it. I just wish the caps lock light was at the top of the keyboard. I tried out my brother's Razor mechanical gaming keyboard just to give it a try.

I was considering getting a mechanical keyboard.

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Honestly, I did not feel as comfortable and I was not able type as fast on it as I am able to do on the Apple. Maybe it is low key-travel and stuff. Certainly would take a bit more getting used to. I really like my Apple keyboards, too. I haven't yet tried a mechanical one, though I've been meaning to do that for quite a while now. It took me a while to get used to it, but I'm a big fan now. I recently switched from the USB keyboard to the Bluetooth one, and I'm not digging the smaller space—it feels a bit cramped on the shift keys.

But other than that, I'm also a big fan. That's strange. Do you use the spacebar more than most people? The space bar and one other key, I forget which now, but I think it was number 8 key simultaneously died on my previous bluetooth mac keyboard. So I had to fork out for a new one. The new KB has been fine for about two years. They worked last night, yet both didn't work the next morning.

Needless to say, that's how I ended up on your blog post, in my search for a better cheaper and more reliable external keyboard for my Mac. It seems to me the only thing "magic" about them is how two seemingly unrelated keys can simultaneously and spontaneously die on their own accord.

I have razer mouse and razer mechanical keyboard and I feel that using magic mouse and magic keyboard is more suitable for both. Magic keyboard: the magic keyboard has the same layout with my macbook's keyboard so I have better muscle memory using it than the mechanical keyboard with the thick key caps and the difference of the layout. I am changing keyboards almost every weeks but still i don't deny that I really like the magic keyboard. Magic mouse 2: I'm using gestures with my trackpad when i am on the way and the most common is three fingers slide right and left for changing fullscreen windows.

I like the ergonomics of my Razer Deathadder but it doesn't feel and work as the Magic Mouse. I still prefer my Razer mouse for gaming like Counter Strike but still for daily drive i prefer Magic Mouse. It needs some time to get used to it but then is perfect. Thanks for weighing in! You're right; there are definitely advantages to being very Mac-focused on the keyboard and the mouse.

I don't use too many gestures on my trackpad, so that might be why I prefer a non-Apple mouse. I do really like my keyboard, though.

The 7 Best Alternatives to Apple's Official Magic Keyboard

Never been close to depleted in a couple years of use, and I really like the layout. Number pad is a nice perk.

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  8. Now that I'm back in Colorado and out of England, that's a definite contender on my list. Yeah I'm also a lot further away from the window than before so I'm pretty impressed with how well it keeps charged. I have used the Logitech wireless K on my Mac for many years and wouldn't even think of trading it for some other keyboard. It's been on the market for quite a while and well-tested and received by numerous users. It is a solid product, designed for the Mac.

    I have never had any operating problems or issues with the product but perhaps I am just lucky. It is light and easily portable, even carrying it around in my backpack for some of my travels. I just switch the dongle from my desktop to my laptop giving me access to the keyboard as well as my wireless mouse. If you have a second Logitech unifying dongle, which I do, you don't even have to switch the dongle. No need to worry about batteries or Bluetooth connections although I do not mean to imply there is anything wrong with Bluetooth.

    Just follow a few simple directions to install the unifying software and then forget about it. Solar works well, even when sun is not shining. However, after years of use, I still haven't figured out whether I really get a recharge from non-solar light sources. Anybody out there with some information on this issue?

    MacOS Sierra renders some Bluetooth mice and keyboards unusable (including Apple's)

    The "unifying" dongle works perfectly with my mouse as well as keyboard. One dongle for both. Saves a USB port, which is particularly important on a laptop. I've heard really good things about that keyboard, but I haven't had the chance to try one myself. It sounds great, though! And you have a really good point about the Logitech unifying dongle; I have one for my mouse, and not using another port would be really convenient.

    I don't like Apple's input devices. I don't like the limited key travel or keys missing relative to the standard key PC keyboard. I hate the battery annihilating Bluetooth wireless models. I think the ergonomics on its laptop keyboards are even worse, mostly because of the hard corner and too large touchpad.

    follow I don't mind the key layout, but I agree about the key travel; there's not much, and it doesn't make for a very satisfying typing experience. I've had my Apple keyboard for a long time, and I've gotten used to it, but I'm hoping to move to something a bit better in the near future. Top Deals.

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