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In this article we advise you on which Mac software apps are - and aren't - compatible with Catalina. Some of these apps didn't work with Mojave either, but with this macOS update there are more apps than ever out in the cold. If your Mac pre-dates you won't be able to update to Catalina anyway, but if your Mac is that old you may be thinking that it is time to upgrade to a new Mac.

In which case, the fact that it's likely to come with macOS Catalina installed will mean that software you are relying on currently may not work. These unsupported apps include software from developers including Adobe, Microsoft, and even Apple itself. While the unsupported apps are usually old versions of apps that have been updated in recent years, there are still a lot of people running them because they didn't wish to upgrade to the subscription model favoured by many software developers.

Luckily we were able to solve the issue in Mojave, but we aren't expecting the same fix to work in Catalina. Find out how we were able to get Photoshop running again here: How to open apps that won't run in Mojave. While it was possible to get some problematic apps to work in Mojave, although they might have been buggy, many apps will be disabled when you upgrade to the new macOS Catalina. This will apply to any app that contains bit code. You may also find you can't run some drivers that use kernel extensions, due to changes coming with Catalina.

You should still be able to run apps that are unsigned, for now, but there will come a time when apps that aren't notarised by Apple will not run at all, for security reasons. For this reason we recommend that before updating you check that your apps will run in the new macOS, so it's a good thing you're here. Apple has a web page explaining why it is halting support for bit apps on the Mac.

Essentially, Apple believes these legacy apps won't offer a good user experience because they slow down your Mac. The company explains that bit apps can access more memory and therefore you can expect faster system performance. This isn't the first time Apple has ended support for bit apps - in the company ended support for bit apps in iOS We have further information for those who would like to read more about Apple's 'Not Optimized for your Mac' warning.

Update the OS

You may be hoping that the developer will update your app to make it compatible. You might want to drop them a line to plead with them to do so. This shouldn't be news to them, though. Apple has been warning developers of the move away from bit apps for a few years now. Similarly, you will have been seeing warnings about apps that are "not optimised for your Mac" or "This app needs to be updated by its developer to improve compatibility" for at least a year.

Those developers who don't yet have bit versions of their apps will probably be working on the transition from bit.

How to rebuild or repair your iPhoto Library

If they aren't, it's probably time to consider switching to a more modern app. Any developer yet to update their app to work in the new version of macOS is running out of time and we would guess isn't planning to do anything. On the other hand, most bit apps have newer bit versions available.

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It's likely that the developers would encourage you to update to them. Here are some of the most notable apps that you will need to update before you upgrade to Catalina. We'll go into more detail about each below. Even if an app you use is bit, as some of the apps mentioned above are, that doesn't mean that you won't experience problems with it. You may also experience issues with bit apps if components that they require are not bit. This is the case with some Adobe apps, for example. It's not only third-party developers whose apps are still stuck in bit.

Even Apple has a collection of older apps that will be compromised - so if you are still using them it might be time to update to a newer version, or to switch to something else. This is because older formats or codecs may have been used to produce those media files. You should be able to convert these files to H. More on this below. If you have Aperture 3 which was released in it is bit, so you might be thinking it will still run. However, Apple ended development and support for Aperture back in and the company's support page indicates that "For technical reasons, Aperture will not run in future versions of macOS after macOS Mojave" and recommends that you update to Photos or Adobe Lightroom.

If you are still using older versions of Apple's iWork apps - that's Pages, Keynote and Numbers - you may need to upgrade. All of the iWork '09 applications from are bit. This could be an issue to those Mac users who prefer these legacy apps to the modern versions.

If you have iWork 09 and want to update to the newer versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you'll be pleased to learn that they are free on the Mac App Store and have been free since Read which Macs support Catalina. Eventually, her phone filled up, and it was time to fix this problem.

She recently migrated from iPhoto to Photos—based on Mac emails, this isn't a unique circumstance.

Photos seems to be happiest importing relatively few pictures and movies, or using iCloud Photo Library. This underappreciated app, installed as part of macOS in the Applications folder, handles importing and managing media on memory cards, scanners, and on attached iOS devices and cameras. You can also access a scanner via Preview.

You can set Image Capture via a menu at the bottom of its window with a given device or drive selected to import selected or all media to iPhoto or Photos, as well as to other apps, scripts, or folders. In my wife's case, however, Image Capture stopped working. She tried to import all images, and it would appear to make progress, but then fail with a lengthy error message listing problematic images, and an incomplete state of what was imported.


Reasons iPhoto Freezes After Editing

To remove Photos duplicates, the best option appears to be PowerPhotos , which can work with Photos libraries directly for deduplication, merging, and other features. With Image Capture, we attached her phone to her Mac via USB, selected it in the app, and then used the Date field to sort images in chronological order.

We then selected the oldest half by finding the rough middle point and selecting from there backwards in time.

Clicking Import, we watched the progress bar—and, shockingly, it succeeded. With that confirmed, we returned to Image Capture and clicked the delete button a red circle with a diagonal slash through it and delete that half of the images.