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Requiescence EULA. Requiescence Genre: Casual Developer: Share Embed. Add to Cart. Hollywood , our biggest and most ambitious visual novel yet! If you'd like to support us or check out the new game, check out our Kickstarter! Even if you haven't played the original Red Embrace, RE: H presents a dark, oppressive, seductive world of vampires that's sure to welcome you in Los Angeles, California. So I got the game to run and everything but now when I try to play it, something in Japanese pops up about Administrator and then shuts down.

I was almost finished with the game! Have already someone a way to fix the problem with the freezing screen? Happens this only in one route, or is this in other routes too? Because otherwise I could play a other route hopefully without freezing screen. You too? I thought it was my laptop at first, but it looks like quite a few people are having this problem. I tried installing the game at least 6 times! Whenever I click on the desktop icon, nothing happens.

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And I was so happy about win10 replacing win8! Now I absolutely hate it. Did anyone come across any solution for it yet? Im having the same problem like you. I follow all the step but when i try to open the game , nothing happen. Can someone help on this problem? I really want to play this game.

I followed every step. But when I open the game, it says something about the disk CD in Japanese and then automatically closes. Please help? Is that just happening to me or is the link actually broken? Anyone having trouble with the opening? I can run it fine, but when i get to the OP, the video itself stops and the game keeps frozen like that. Any help would be appreciated! Can someone help me pleaseeee.

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Hi, I downloaded the parts, but only the first one extracts properly, what programs put them together? Nothing happened. The game is working fine though. And also, i have no idea how ti exit the game, or save it while i am in it, because the bar that appears, is all in japanese characters. Is it supposed to be like that? Please help me!! PLease, some help me.. Um, for all those having problems with the Togainu no Chi installation: First, you have to set the system locale to Japanese for non-unicode programs. Mount that, and then run the setup. I recommend you run the DirectX setup first to upgrade whatever version of DirectX you have in the system and then, install the game.

I followed all of the steps, but when I click on the game it says: Does anyone know what to do to fix it? It does download, but it ends up in a weird file folder. Do a search for it and put it with the other two parts. I had some troubles intalling but it got fix with daemon tools Thanks I always wanted to play it!!

I have a weird problem with the game. I saved just a little before that happens, and when I try to skip, it freezes anyway. I just currently started playing this game and the same thing occured to me.

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  • Since it has been long overdue, can anyone enlighten me? I have my directx checked and updated as well, and I installed the game in Win7. But now there is another problem. Everytime i save and choose an option from the window that pops up confirming the save, i cant click on the game screen anymore after that. Which means i cant load a saved game either because immediately after the pop up window the controls in the game dont work for me.

    Anyone knows what im doing wrong or how to fix this?? Then only download the eng patch.

    Togainu no Chi - Eroge Download

    Could you please help me? I really want to play this game.. In both cases the Setup poped up and nothing more happened. I use daemon and my PCs are on non-unicode japanese settings.

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    Is there a fail-save way to install this on a XP system? If you like gore, then this is for you. If you like attractive boys along with attractive voices, this is definitely for you. If you like dystopian society, this is for you. But if you are troubled by homosexual activities, rape, bad endings, long games, or H scenes, this game is definitely not for you.

    Otome games, yaoi games, yuri games, non-ecchi games, and pure hentai! I absolutely love and thank this site, and I appreciate that this game will now receive more attention! Togainu no Chi. Game download Free download English patch. See also: Posted in Downloads Tags: Iczer1 says: May 1, at April 4, at 3: April 5, at 5: Animemon says: March 12, at LT says: December 22, at November 19, at Anonymous says: July 23, at Yami says: June 20, at 3: Bunny says: June 25, at 2: Access your DVD drive mounted image and install the game according to the instructions provided in the extracted files.

    Download and apply the patch. Run the game. Need more help? Guide on installing and playing VNs in English: This is a boys love visual novel. Because of that there are not many up to date links. This forum is your best bet. As for corrupted files, are you sure, did you use daemon tools lite or a similar program? And did you change your locale to Japanese? At that forum there threads on how to install and play fan translated Japanese visual novels. Wordpress is most spread content managent system for websites and blogs. I got it for free here http: Existing questions.

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