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Free: Personal License available for 79 Euros Visit website 6. On the other hand, you can choose all the images you want in the complete panoramic shots and move on, quite simply. Also, PanoramaPlus X4 is offering support for almost every popular image format too. Considering the amount you have to pay, what you get is Christmas! ArcSoft Panorama Maker. In both creation and editing sections, ArcSoft Panorama Maker has impressive features to offer you. On the other hand, when you want to edit a panorama shot, there are a lot of options.

For instance, there is Align Points and Photo Blend to help you have tweaks on overlapped areas while fine-tuning features of ArcSoft Panorama Maker helps you get the best output in terms of panoramic images. Considering these all, ArcSoft Panorama Maker makes sense — simple as that.

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Coming to the output, you can get Cubic, Cylindrical, Spherical or a single fisheye projection mode. There are both Standard and Professional versions of Panoweaver 9 and there is difference in terms of availability of features too. For instance, you can get support of batch stitching and batch publishing only in the Pro version. If we are to consider all these, Panoweaver 9 is indeed a notable solution, we bet.

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Panoweaver 9 is available for Mac and Windows, by the way. LOG IN. Recover your password. Tekmate , Inc. Windows or later; Mac OS X Autostitch home page. Includes Flash, ActiveX and Java based viewers for web. Image Composite Editor.

Gigapan Stitch 1. Assumes images form approximate grid. Works well on large numbers of images hundreds, thousands. Montage Image Mosaic. Panorama Stitcher. Stitcher Unlimited [7]. Supports bit camera raw input via WIC plugins. Pixtra PanoStitcher [10]. Summary Tables reshape unorganized data into concise tabular analysis, including computations of subtotals, averages, standard deviation and more. Crosstab Tables provide two dimensional data visualization, for example Spending vs.

Month or Income vs. Both types of analytic tables enable rapid, interactive exploration of your data space. All analytical tables remain bound to the raw data, so you can instantly drill into and audit the backing detail behind any summarized value. Often the best way to really understand complex data is to plot it with a chart or a graph, and Panorama X makes that easy, automatically transforming raw data into chartable form according to your specifications.

Chart options include bar, stacked bar, line, area, stacked area and pie charts. You can hover over any chart element to display the actual numeric data value of that element, enable and disable individual chart elements, and even zoom in to examine chart details. Panorama X's complete suite of drawing and layout tools allow you to rapidly design and create custom windows, dialogs, forms, labels, and custom reports. You have complete control over the layout and, if necessary, any programming you need. Layouts can be fixed or responsive to window size.

Available layout elements include:.

If you've ever used Apple's powerful Xcode Interface Builder, you'll be instantly familiar with how the Panorama application builder works. To add a new graphics object, simply drag it onto the layout, then use the inspector panels to configure, including adding code. Here at ProVUE, we're big believers in automation. If a task is going to be performed more than 2 or 3 times, automation is the best way to ensure that the task is performed rapidly and accurately.

That's why every aspect of Panorama X operation can be automated — database manipulation, modifying database structure, even graphical layout tasks can be automated. Basic automation doesn't require any programming at all. Just turn on the "watch me" recorder and Panorama will automatically write the code for you as you search, sort, and perform other database tasks. The recorded code is automatically added to the Action menu, where it can be played back at any time. It can also be attached to a button, or set up to trigger when a specific event occurs.

For advanced users, Panorama X includes a full-featured programming language, including conditional logic, subroutines, alerts and dialogs, full menu control, background timers, asynchronous internet access, and much much more. Panorama allows huge data sets to be bent, reshaped or refactored at will. Fields can be added, removed, rearranged, hidden, merged or split at any time. Typical examples include:.

Proposed modifications are previewed in real time as they are changed, and actual database manipulation occurs at 10kk records per second. Panorama's relational model supports one record-to-one record links, range-to-one record shipping and tax tables, for example , and one record-to-many records. Relational keys are not limited to a single field, and can even be defined with a formula. If your data contains addresses, Panorama X can display it on a map. Panorama can also look up the city and state for a zip code.

Panorama X databases contain no indexes, so they are extremely space efficient high speed RAM operation makes indexes unnecessary. In fact, Panorama databases can typically store five to ten thousand records per megabyte of RAM, allowing Panorama to easily handle extremely large databases. One of the databases shown in the demo movie contains registration details for all , aircraft in the United States in only 81 megabytes. Panorama X can import text files in comma-separated csv , tab-separated tsv , or json format.

Export supports the same formats plus HTML. Data can be automatically restructured as it is imported or exported to match up with external programs for example re-arranging, merging or splitting fields as the data is imported or exported. There are literally thousands of regular expression pattern matching examples online as well as books that you can plug directly into Panorama X.

Panorama X can optionally encrypt your sensitive data and proprietary custom code for maximum security. Making beautiful icon buttons has never been easier! You can personalize Panorama X just the way you like it with fully customizable toolbars, menus and preset search, sort, and analysis favorites available right at your fingertips.

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Panorama X includes detailed reference and tutorial documentation built right into the app, as well as step-by-step video training. We don't leave you hanging!

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We also invite you to come hang out with us and other Panorama users at the friendly Panorama Discussion Forum. By now you've got a pretty good idea of Panorama X's amazing power and ease of use, but there are dozens of additional features in addition to the ones listed above. The beauty of Panorama X is that it is very simple and easy to get started, but it doesn't run out of power as you gain more experience.

Your computer has two kinds of memory: RAM and disk.

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Panorama takes full advantage of this speed by loading entire databases into RAM memory. Unlike other database software, Panorama never touches the disk drive once the database is open. All searching, sorting, editing, and everything else occurs directly in your computer's high speed RAM. To start the 7 day free trial, simply download and copy to the Applications folder.

You don't need to give us a credit card, email address or any other information, just get started. Note: The 7 days of your free trial don't have to be consecutive. When you're ready to buy, purchasing credits for your Panorama X account is done in the app itself not on the web.

Simply choose Site License from the Panorama menu, create a new account if you haven't done so already , then click on the Payments panel.